A Humble Beginning

The Fatburger Story - Fatburger Founder Lovie Yancey

Fatburger Founder Lovie Yancey

From Dennis McLellan’s 2008 Los Angeles Times article “Fatburger founder expanded South L.A. eatery into chain

In 1947, using pieces of scrap materials from her partner (a man who worked at a construction company), Lovie Yancey opened up a three-stool hamburger stand in Los Angeles, California (on Western Avenue) – it was called Mr. Fatburger.

“The name of the store was my idea, I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it . . . a meal in itself.”
— Fatburger Founder, Lovie Yancey

By 1952, Lovie parted ways with her partner and so did the “Mr.” from the stand’s name.


The Fatburger Story - Original Fatburger Stand in Los Angeles, California

The Original Fatburger Stand in Los Angeles, California

From the beginning, Lovie was a fixture at the stand where customers, including entertainers Redd Foxx and Ray Charles, would custom-order their burgers. She would work very long days, and sleepless nights, spending as much time at the stand as she could to ensure that everything was being done properly.  As word got out that Lovie’s Fatburgers were the best in town, she continually got more and more requests for her to keep the stand open later, and later, into the night.

Over 65 years later, while other places are just discovering taste, we’re still making hamburgers the way she did. Cooked-to-order, just the way you want it, every time. The only thing Lovie loved as much as hamburgers was music. So you’ll hear some of the best music ever blasting: Current Hits, Rock’n’Roll, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classic Soul that’ll keep you groovin’ in your chair long enough to finish that big juicy burger. We’d love to tell you about the late night talk show hosts and rap stars who’ve made us the happenin’ place—but our attorneys won’t let us. (And, of course, restaurant critics keep naming us the best burger in town, but you don’t care about those guys.)


Fatburger in Canada

In 2005, the first Fatburger Canada opened in the popular English Bay area of Vancouver, BC. And while our roots are from California, Fatburger in Canada is Canadian owned and operated – and proud of it!


What makes our award winning burgers so special?

Premium ingredients. We start with fresh, never frozen Alberta Angus beef. No additives, binders or fillers. Then we add fresh cut lettuce, tomatoes, onions and your choice of free toppings. One bite and you’ll know why Fatburger has been a burger icon since 1952!

Now here’s just a few things to make you drool over your keyboard: home style onion rings made fresh daily from real onions. Hand-scooped, real ice cream shakes. Chicken tenders lightly battered and hand breaded – when you order them. All served with a smile.

Big. Juicy. Tasty. Now THAT’s a Fatburger!


Since 2005. Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated.