• Our Best Anywhere Chicken Tenders are now available in 4 feature flavours!
    For a limited time only, enjoy our amazing tenders made with plump and juicy chicken tenderloin, hand battered and breaded fresh when you order. Cooked to perfection and drizzled with your choice of our four signature sauces. Served with crispy skin-on fries and a bottomless drink.

  • Fatburger introduces the smaller size, big taste menu! Our expanded value menu features the Beefy 1/4 lb Angus burger for only $3.99 and 7 meals under $10.

  • What makes our award winning burgers so special?
    Premium ingredients.
    We start with fresh, never frozen Alberta Angus beef. No additives, binders or fillers. Then we add fresh hand-cut lettuce, tomatoes, onions and your choice of free toppings. One bite and you’ll know why Fatburger has been a burger icon since 1952!

  • The few, the proud the hungry.
    The Triple King Challengers!
    Are you up to the challenge?

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